Roe Deers

Natural biostimulant for deer and roe deer


Natural biostimulant for deer and roe deer


Deer are mammals that belong to the deer family. They are small in size and live mainly in forests. The male measures between 90 cm and 1.35 m and weighs from 15 to 35 kg. Called brocades, they have antlers that can reach 25 cm in length. It is rather sedentary and lives on about 5 hectares. The roe deer chooses "Les Couchettes" to rest at the foot of a shrub. It is easy to spot its passage thanks to its hoofprints and its droppings in the form of piles.

Habitat and food of the roe deer

Even if it lives in forests, the roe deer manages to adapt to all types of environments, namely parks near villages. It appreciates meadows, edges and coppices. The wild animal finds shelter in brambles, scrub and young conifers. The roe deer is by nature curious and shy, so it can be seen at sunrise and sunset. It feeds on young shoots, raspberries, hazelnuts, brambles and tree leaves. It also eats mushrooms, acorns and cultivated plants. This amounts to 3 to 4 kilos of food per day and its diet is important for its longevity as it can live for more than 8 years.

Deer and roe deer damage

Roe deer are also found in agricultural land because this wild animal is a gourmet and selects the most nutritious parts of the vegetation. Its behaviour differs depending on the rutting or hunting season. Firstly, there is rubbing: during the rut, the roe deer rubs its antlers and jugal glands on trunks, stems or bushes. Secondly, barking: with its 32 teeth, the roe deer barks young trees to remove its velvet or to reduce its nervous tension. Traffic and hunting also cause stress in the animal, which leads to rubbing and barking to mark its territory. Finally, browsing, the most common act, means the removal and consumption of young shoots. On the other hand, roe deer find certain species more appetizing than others. Therefore, it pulls up attractive plants within its reach and some shrubs are completely browsed. The wildlife feeds and shelters in the forest, which is normal. In order to satisfy their needs for food and reproduction, game causes very annoying economic and ecological damage, which leads to an imbalance. The regulation by hunters is not sufficient, so the result is overpopulation. Grazing involves the consumption of seeds, buds, woody plants and leaves. Deer can tear up seedlings and cut seedlings. The bark is often removed and the stem relatively bare. Deer are attracted to trees with thin bark, which are easier to eat. Unfortunately, these young shrubs are often attacked and eventually die. Many trades are affected by this problem, namely the timber industry, farmers and especially foresters.

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Bionatpro offers you a complete range of products to keep away these harmful animals: both deer and roe deer. To buy our products: payment by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. Your repellent is shipped within 72 hours. For any information request you can contact us at 01 79 72 73 88.


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    BIOSTIMULANT (S.N.U.B) PNC 22-10 PLUS 1L WITH REPULSIVE ACTION ON GAME DEER AND ROE DEER, It is essential to wear a mask, gloves and goggles, then dilute 1 litre of BIOSTIMULANT (S.N.U.B) PNC 22-10 PLUS in 50 litres of watertreatment for approximately 1 hectare, plan several passages if a slow growth of the plants and important attack of the roe deers or...

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    REPELLENT (S.N.U.B) PNC 22-10 PLUS 500 ML AGAINST DEER It is imperative to wear a mask, gloves and goggles, then dilute 250 ML of BIOSTIMULANT PNC 22-10 PLUS 500 ML in 25 litres of water, and plan several applications if the plants grow slowly and are subject to heavy deer attacks.!! For any order of more than 30 units, contact us on !

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