Rabbits & hares

Natural biostimulant effective against rabbits

Rabbits & Hares

Ideal for controlling these herbivorous mammals, Bionatpro's Biostimulant PNC 21-10 PLUS protects the vegetation in your crops or farmland. Composed of natural ingredients such as water, geraniol and chilli oleoresin, these products have a deterrent effect. As a result, wild rabbits will no longer graze on fodder plants, vegetation or young shoots and will not rub against your young plants. Without damaging the rest of the crops or being dangerous for these rodents, rabbit repellents are products that can easily be sprayed on shoots or plants.

Combat rabbit invasion with a biostimulant deterrent

Protecting your plants has become easy with Bionatpro's range of rabbit deterrents. After putting on protective gloves, goggles and a mask, you can dilute these deterrents in water and spray or brush them onto plants and trunks. Avoid the damage of these small rodents that enjoy your carrot and leek shoots so much with effective fertilizers to be applied in dry weather. Also fond of flowerbeds and the bark of young trees, small rabbits are agile and quick animals with powerful incisors. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, organic repellents are relevant and durable products. In order to avoid chasing these animals and setting traps that could injure them, Bionatpro products have been designed to keep these rodents away from your gardens and crops.

A lot of damage to be avoided with natural anti-rabbit biostimulants

By purchasing anti-rabbit and anti-rabbit products, you can ensure your peace of mind. Stay safe with these quality products that respect nature and the animal. Small rabbits can spread quickly and cause serious damage to an agricultural crop. So, if you don't prevent this, you risk having your shoots nibbled away. Once applied, the biostimulant can take effect immediately and will form a barrier against this destructive mammal. However, if there are many wild rabbits and hares, several applications with a brush or spray are possible in order to keep these wild rabbits away for a long time. This Bionatpro product covers a large area and has an effective protective effect on your crops.

An effective biostimulant to deter rabbits

The biostimulant PNC 21-10 PLUS is a rabbit deterrent that acts immediately and dries within the hour. In order to promote its deterrent action, it is best to use it in the late afternoon and outside of rainy weather. The main branches of your trees will be protected from these rodents that like to climb inside. This concentrated mixture, which does not contain any synthetic or chemical products, is to be used on young shoots but also in case of rapid growth of your crops.

Buy rabbit and hare repellent from Bionatpro

Bionatpro products are completely natural and organic. This is a real guarantee that the products we offer are not harmful to animals, your garden or your health. The other advantages of Bionatpro: a large choice of payment methods (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer) and a shipment of your products within 72 hours.


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    !! Pour toute commande de plus de 30 unités, Contactez nous sur bionat4@gmail.com !! impérativement porter masque gants lunette,puis diluer 250 ML de BIOSTIMULANT PNC 21-10 PLUS dans 10 litres d'eau traitement pour environ 2500 M2,prevoir plusieur passage si une pousser lente des plants et attaquent importantes des lievres ou lapins.

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    BIOSTIMULANT (S.N.U.B) PNC 21-10 PLUS WITH ANTI-GAME ACTION RABBIT it is imperative to wear a mask, gloves and goggles, then dilute 1 L of BIOSTIMULANT (S.N.U.B) PNC 21-10 PLUS in 50 L of watertreatment for approximately 1 hectare,Plan several passes if the plants grow slowly and are heavily attacked by hares or rabbits.!! For any order of more than 30...

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    !! Pour toute commande de plus de 30 unités, Contactez nous sur bionat4@gmail.com !! Biostimulant à effet répulsif contre les lievres et les lapins, 100% naturel impérativement porter masque gants et lunettes de protection puis diluer 500 ML de BIOSTIMULANT PNC 21-10 PLUS dans 20 litres d'eau traitement pour environ 5000 M2, Il convient de prévoir...

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