Biostimulants effective against martens & weasels


Biostimulants effective against martens & weasels

Weasel and marten repellent

Weasels and martens are nocturnal rodents that move quickly. You can recognise their presence by noises in your attic or by damage to your car's wiring. The weasel is a backyard predator, which reacts instinctively to the agitation of birds, which it can kill. Martens and weasels usually breed from June to September. The lifespan of a weasel is 8-11 years compared to 13-15 years for martens. The main predator of these animals is man. To drive these pests out of your attic and your cars, you need a pest control solution.

Pest control solutions

Martens and weasels can cause significant damage to your attic and cars. To get rid of these pests in a natural and gentle way, you can trust the expert Peyraud Nature Chasse. They offer you highly effective, completely organic pest control products. There are two types of pest control products that allow you to keep martens and weasels away from their unwanted habitat. The attic repellent is different from the vehicle damage repellent.

Marten and Weasel Repellent for the Attic

The repellent used to repel martens and weasels from your attic is safe and is used by professionals and hunting associations. It is a natural, colourless and already diluted liquid repellent. It contains a volume of 5 litres. The repellent should be sprayed in attics and loft spaces, in all places where pests pass through and rest. After detecting animal droppings, you can insert the spray cane into the roof protection and start spraying. For long-lasting effectiveness, you should repeat the operation once a week for three weeks. It is imperative that you follow the protocol to prevent the pests from returning. Do not use the 500 ml car spray, which will not work because the amount of product is insufficient.

Weasel and marten repellent for the underside of the car bonnet

The solution for keeping martens and weasels away from your car's wiring has already been proven by professional hunters. The 500 ml marten and weasel repellent is a colourless, low-odour spray. It consists of a natural liquid that is ready to use. It is used by spraying all the places where pests pass through and hide under the bonnet of your vehicle. The area should be sprayed once a week for three consecutive weeks. For attics and loft spaces, use the 5 litre diluted Weasel Repellent.


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